Media3 - About

Media 3 was formed in November 1991 by Brian Seeney after 13 years working for regional TV stations, the final five years as Chief Press Officer with TVS Television and their feature film subsidiary TVS Entertainment.

Media 3 began as a “virtual” agency offering PR and marketing consultancy based in Gosport without office premises. But the word “virtual” was dropped when it became a cliché and much over-used...

At the time marketing companies were generally not well thought of and were known for ‘sharp’ practices, driving around in big ‘flash’ cars and working from ‘swish’ offices.

“The general perception was one of lots of people in endless meetings charging a lot for delivering very little,” said Brian Seeney, managing consultant at Media 3.

“I’d always wanted to work for myself and knew how agencies were 'ripping off' their clients. I knew there was a better and different way to do things in an ethical manner.

“One of the sharpest practices of all was agencies arranging a printing job and then paying the bill and charging it back to the client at twice the cost, making more profit for themselves by adding no value at all.


“It was something agencies couldn’t possibly justify and was commonplace then. That kind of thing still goes on today but less so because clients have wised-up and agencies like ours go about their business in a much more honest and open fashion.”

Quickly establishing a group of preferred suppliers meant that when Media 3 says they can do a job, they really can!

“It’s not a case of winning some work then scurrying around desperately trying to find someone (anyone) to help us deliver that job. That’s just not our way.

“Instead we have formed long-lasting professional relationships with our consultants and suppliers - from printers to photographers, graphics designers to web developers - in fact with everyone that works with us on the projects we deliver,” says Brian.

All of Media 3’s partner-consultants work from home, so have lower overheads.

That means Media 3’s clients get a top quality service that just happens to cost them less but not at the expense of sacrificing the creative aspects or the innovative and fresh ways that Media 3 does things.


"Media 3 strives to offer flexibility, a fast response and value for money, whilst delivering quality in all we do," says Brian.

In addition to providing a broad range of marketing consultancy services, Media 3 has developed a respected door-to-door leaflet delivery service.

The operation covered Gosport and Fareham for 17 years until 2008 when it joined forces with another local distribution company to form door2door-deliveries, quickly expanding to cover most of south-east Hampshire.

Media 3 has also developed its own bespoke-designed website package called easyWeb which has an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that drastically cuts the costs of running a website.

Media 3 also offers Modus, a packaged survey system which helps clients gather and analyse consumer intelligence to achieve more targeted marketing and improved customer numbers.

Media 3's core work is still as a marketing and advertising sales agency that is "delivering marketing solutions that make your business more profitable".

For more on these other parts of the Media 3 group see the Products & services section in this website.